Ludwigsburg Museum Making Peace


Exhibition extended until 25.4.21

Striving to create lasting peace, many civilian professionals nowadays work in crisis-hit regions. Their committment takes centre stage in this exhibition, which discusses the policy of civil peace building: Should we get involved in other nations' and societies' conflicts in the first place? What might an intervention possibly look like? Who defines its success? What is peace, anyway? And can we really create peace?

Ludwigsburg Museum Nativity Scene

Ludwigsburg Nativity Trail 2020

The public exhibition of Nativity scenes offers a walking tour through the city centre of Ludwigsburg.

Its first stop inside the MIK courtyard shows a crib made of Elastolin by the local toy manufacturer Hausser, approx. 1920–1925. Industrially produced Elastolin crib figures were a seasonable alternative to expensive wood carvings, especially during the hardships of the postwar years. Despite being mass-produced, the home workers at the Hausser company made them valuable individual pieces with their detailed painting.

A project by the Ludwigsburg City Church Congregation / Stadtkirchengemeinde Ludwigsburg
Initiative: Ruth and Klaus Miekley and friends


Ludwigsburg Museum Roland Halbe


To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, the Ludwigsburg Museum is closed until further notice.