Ludwigsburg Museum Loredana Nemes Evergreen

Loredana Nemes, Evergreen



At the invitation of the Ludwigsburg Museum, the Berlin artist Loredana Nemes has photographed the cycle "Evergreen" and illuminated the beauty of the everlasting.

In the exhibition, sensitive portraits of long-time lovers alternate with shots of evergreen plants. Loredana Nemes shows timelessness and age as a multifaceted play of light and shadow in the foliage as well as on human skin. Her black-and-white photographs of people from Ludwigsburg are captivating because of the subtle use of the analogue double exposure technique and the fine hand prints on barite paper.

With this project, Loredana Nemes continues her collaboration with the museum, for which she had created the series "Blütezeit" (Blossoming Time) in spring 2012 with portraits of young people and photographs of blossoming trees. "Evergreen" is at the same time a testimony to the pandemic in 2020: on site, the artist had extraordinary encounters with the older couples, who talked about their lives and their love. These moments of closeness and togetherness inspired Loredana Nemes to her poetic photographs and poems.

Ludwigsburg Museum Pack of Lies

Pack of Lies – A Children's Exhibition


I don't believe it! That can't be true! "Pack of Lies" is an exhibition for lie artists and fact finders, for fantasists and discoverers, for cheating experts and detectives. Lies and deception play an obvious role in everyday life. Everyone has been deceived at some time or misled someone themselves: for fun, out of politeness, out of necessity ... The reasons are different.

In "Pack of Lies", magic tricks, optical illusions, crazy crooked rooms, fantasy and tall tales to invent or a climbing wall with green screen technology that beams the climbers into different landscapes await. While exploring, important questions arise: How do I manage not to give everything away? How do seeing, smelling, feeling or hearing help to detect deceptions? And can a lie detector really find out the truth? After the visit, it will be easier to distinguish between appearance and reality!