An interactive exhibition for children and everybody else

15 oct 2023–7 apr 2024

From a giant fan to a vacuum pump, from a crank tornado to pneumatic tubes! 17 objects and installations invite you to playfully explore an important element: What is air and where is it? What is it capable of and what does it show us?
Air is vital, but often completely unnoticed. 

The exhibits makes air tangible: kicking off a wind, measuring one's own strength with the air, tracking the development of a hurricane, compiling scent images or experimenting with negative pressure. It becomes clear: air is invisible and yet needs space. It is light and yet full of power. It is everywhere and yet can only be noticed when it gurgles, bangs, hisses, rustles, smells, inflates and deforms things or makes them float ...

Sponsored by the Mylius Foundation

Flyer (in German) (2.374 MiB)