Looking at Ludwigsburg/Die Stadt im Blick

Aigner Photography Collection

In cooperation with the city archive Ludwigsburg

13 May–24 Sept 2023

Experience Ludwigsburg at the turn of the 20th century through historical photographs. For the first time, the Aigner Collection is on display for the public at the Ludwigsburg Museum. More than 1.000 photographs and postcards that show the city from different perspectives, which were commissioned, published, or sold by the bookseller Hermann Aigner, were preserved. The Aigner family made their bookstore the first address in town: The store was appointed purveyor to the royal court in 1889 and received the award of “most beautiful bookstore in Germany” in 1989.

The exhibition is a cooperation between the city archive and the museum and makes the Aigner Photography Collection the starting point of a creative confrontation with today’s Ludwigsburg. What changed, where do you the feel most comfortable and what does Ludwigsburg mean to you? Everyone is invited to capture urban life with their cameras and add their picture to the exhibition.

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