Ludwigsburg Museum Ausstellung Eine Stadt isst!

We are what we eat: food and culture in Ludwigsburg


The act of eating is an integral part of everyday life and its significance goes beyond purely supplying our bodies with energy and nutrients. Food is a great source of pleasure and is inextricably tied to culture, politics and history. What and how we eat says a great deal about us, and our place within society. Our meals always carry a narrative.
The exhibition features many outstanding and never-seen-before pieces that reflect the ever-evolving culinary tastes, dining habits and table manners over the past 300 years, including a contemporary photographic series by Reiner Pfisterer. All visitors are invited to contribute with their own stories and experiences, and to participate in a varied programme of events. In spite of different flavour preferences and perceptions, food unites us all – varying from communities to whole countries!