Pack of Lies

Pack of Lies – A Children's Exhibition


I don't believe it! That can't be true! "Pack of Lies" is an exhibition for lie artists and fact finders, for fantasists and discoverers, for cheating experts and detectives. Lies and deception play an obvious role in everyday life. Everyone has been deceived at some time or misled someone themselves: for fun, out of politeness, out of necessity ... The reasons are different.

Tiny Courtyard House

What constitutes modern living? For the city’s tricentennial, Ludwigsburg has announced an architectural competition. A tiny courtyard house has been built on a green area next to the busy Stern-junction. Here, architects Hans-Christian Bäcker, Florian Kaiser and Guobin Shen show how an inhospitable place can be reclaimed as living space.


Ludwigsburg is a young city. It did not grow organically over centuries, but was designed at the drawing table.

Discover how the Dukes of Württemberg imagined their ideal city 300 years ago and what happened to their plans. The exhibition presents ideas and visions, the people who created the city, and the problems that arose in the process. Ludwigsburg’s changing role as a garrison town, a cultural center, and a prosperous business location is examined and illustrated by unique objects that tell stories of the city and its inhabitants.

Museumsschmiede Ludwigsburg


Discover the oldest workshop in the city, located on Hospitalstraße 42 at the heart of Ludwigsburg's artisan district! The smithy is over 130 years old and was used until 1992. The smithy is opened regularly for visitors, please check our calendar. Trained blacksmith Georg Wrobel displays his iron wroughting skills and manufactures small everyday objects for you to take home. Please ask us if you would like to visit the smithy with a tour group at a date of your choosing!