Museum - Walder


The origins of the Ludwigsburg Museum date back to 1795, when a literary society was founded in the city. In 1823, the literary society merged with the local Casino Society to form the new Museum Society, which consisted of 260 members The first museum was opened in 1884 at the Prinzenpalais (at today’s Wilhelmstraße) and soon became the center of the life of society.

Today’s museum collection was started by the Historical Society in 1897 and given to the city in order to found a city museum. This was, however, only realized in 1978, when the Heimatmuseum (later Städtisches Museum) was opened at the Kulturzentrum.
Nowadays, the collection contains objects and documents of regional art and cultural history, with a focus on Württembergian graphic works. With its 8.500 views of Württembergian towns of the 18th and 19th century and depictions of regional culture, the graphics collection is the largest in the state.