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The architectural competition “Raumpioniere – living in small spaces” called for submissions that offered innovative approaches towards future city planning and urban development. 74 participants from the disciplines of architecture, scenography and art took part and submitted diverse entries that sought to reduce the required living area. The prize was awarded to Stuttgart-based architects Atelier Kaiser Shen. Their concept of a tiny courtyard house turns a noisy green area on a busy junction into a safe haven right in the city center. The actual living space amounts to only 7.3 square meters. The tiny house and its courtyard can be used to occupy leftover urban areas and thus become a minimalist ideal.

In recent years, the situation on the German housing market has worsened drastically. Living expenses have gone up extensively for both tenants and buyers. One reason for this is the growing appeal of cities as a place to both work and live, which has started to supersede suburbanization.


Mikrohofhaus auf der Sternkreuzung, Ludwigsburg, Foto: ARGE Lola
Mikrohofhaus Ludwigsburg mit Innenhof, Foto: ARGE Lola
Mikrohofhaus Ludwigsburg mit Innenhof, Foto: ARGE Lola
Foto: Benjamin Stollenberg
Jury Raumpioniere Foto Benjamin Stollenberg